Chapters and Seasons (Charged UP Remix)


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Flipped the drake track charged up for those in a new season that must hold on to faith knowing that the Lord is faithful.

We all have seasons we are in right now and we all have chapters we have moved past that we mourn.


just completed my hours for AmeriCorps so Im out the door
headed to another full speed cats like what you running for
I don't want opportunity to close on me
Failure is a head space that feels more than lonely
This that infinity gauntlet flow all powerful
dark control spire mindset mix with perils of the cool
it might be true or I could just be flexin
either way I hope you enjoy the image im projecting
the one where i seem to be nihilistic caring for nothing
all I need is air in my lungs and weed smoke to function
but thats a life less than empty in this day and age
but in rap you either move white or hold the gauge
when the numbers still seem to come up short
whats the point of playing safe in this fakers sport
like soccer games with a long injury list
cause the next teams points just coming up quick
Im sorry if Im sounding preachy to these peanuts
but Im starting to vexed and Ive just about had enough
I look to the sky and the pages of a book so ancient
trying to piece together the character of my deities patience
cause i dont got it but strive for it
My feet do fail me and you say forfeit
but thats no option tunnel vision Im locked in
so I aint worried about all this mocking
I never expected the cooler to understand the heat
Shadrach in this daily life holy fire that I speak
tongue of flame to rearrange somebody's mind set
but peace brother if you aint convinced yet
I just pray one day we see eye to eye within our grind
and no longer envision the lesser than as lesser men
but thats a red philosophy right
if you read that back you might be confused
dont worry ill shed light

It aint marxism its the mark of the forgiven
red letters to spell out that grave digging to continue living
let that sink in one time as your mind wonders
as time unravels the mystery of why humans plunder
each others treasures when the spirits surround us
its more like the spirits have bound us
and though we inherit the Cain spirit we are still able
to rise above see further
walk on water with our master , its that heart he’s after
trying to create new chapters


released April 5, 2016




Freddie Losambe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rapper, Poet, and Musician B-Wise brings you FREE MUSIC out of Africa and the Eastern Borders of the US!

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